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 My name is Flora Almaraz, and I am one of the trainers here, at K9 Kalifas All Dog Training!

They say it takes that one special dog to change your life, and that’s exactly how it was for me! I grew up having smaller dogs, so I knew that in the future I would like to have a bigger dog that I could put more time into training and explore different outlets that I could do with. My boyfriend ended up getting a Belgian Malinois by the name of Copper. We began training him with techniques we learned via YouTube, but we came to a point where we needed more in-person help and that’s when we came across K9 Kalifas and we signed up with them right away. Seeing how much progression Copper was making during his private sessions; I was inclined to learn more. I then joined the internship program that K9 Kalifas offers and Justin took me under his wing and became my mentor! For about a year, with any extra time I had, I would be out on the field learning through him and continued to increase my knowledge in pet training as well as dog sports. Fast forward to today, my life has completely changes. I now have a dog of my own, Grizzly, a Belgian Malinois that I hope to compete with in PSA in the future. If you schedule training with me, you'll get to meet him! He serves as my demo dog and helps me when I have dogs as Board and Trains.


I am excited to now be a trainer with K9 Kalifas and be able to help others with their pups. My favorite part is seeing the transformation that happens with dogs once they understand the training. Nothing is more valuable than being a part of the journey to help owners connect with their dogs and have a better relationship with them! 

Flora & Grizzly 

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