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"There is no other person I have come across with the same passion and love for training with dogs. As a matter of fact, I would go as far as to say that Justin is by far one of the greatest in this craft. He has helped me create such a strong bond with my boy, Bodhi, a Belgian Malinois, that I will forever be grateful for. His understand and knowledge of everything revolving K9's is next level stuff that just continues to impress, not just myself, but everyone that gets the opportunity to work with him. If anyone were to ask me who to recommend for training, he would be at the top of my list. Highly recommend and confident that you wouldn't not be disappointed with Justin."

- John Paul & "Bodhi" 

"Justin is outstanding when it comes to training and understanding every dog. I left my dog, Coco, with him for his 28 day Board and Train program and all I could do was thank him for his service. As a Pit Bull owner, our dog, Coco, had free range throughout the house. With Justin's program, not only did he train her, but he also trained my family and I to understand her better. Going on a walk changed from her pulling and trying to jump/chase everything, to be able to go for a walk with her by our side on a loose leash. Justin is great! He not only trains your dog but he also takes the time to show you step by step what I needed to do as an owner at home."

Tino, family & "Coco"

" I can't say enough positive things about what an excellent trainer Justin is. His professionalism and deep knowledge about all things training is hands down the best. Our GSD, Holly, wouldn't be what she is today without his training! I will say Justin is the best trainer in the Bay Area."

Ray, family & "Holly"

"Justin is the reason why I have my Rottweiler puppy, Dexter! From day one, Justin was eager to start training and he could see the potential that Dexter had. With Justin's training I am more comfortable handling my dog knowing he will obey me because of our bond that Justin taught me to have with him. Despite the fact that I am still in training with Justin, time and time again I see that his method of training is working when my 8-month-old puppy is behaving better than older dogs on walks. I'm eager to get through the other half of my training with Dexter and continue attending Justin's PSA meet ups, which is one of my favorite things to do! Being involved in his PSA club has made my bond with Dexter stronger and has also shown me to have faith that I've created a bond that makes me feel safe."

Dustin & "dexter"

"Justin did such an amazing, not only training my dog, but training me as well! Training me on what to do and how to make my dog obey me. He even showed me how to use an e-collar and recommended a good one to purchase which has worked amazingly well! With that I was able to train my job to not go into certain places in the house where I don't want her to go."

Patria, Paul & "Pepper"

"When I first saw Justin training, he had so much confidence and his leadership skills shined through! You can see the relationship he not only has with his own dogs, but the dogs he trains. I have recommend Justin and K9 Kalifas to all my friends and family for any training needs they may have!"

Anthony Abuyen (USN/CPO Retired) & "Keli'i"

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