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My name is Justin and I am one of the owners of K9 Kalifas, All Dog Training.

I began my journey at the age of 18 when I got my first retail job at Pet Food Express. In the 4 years that I was a part of their team, I became a nutrition specialist, and while working I had the opportunity to meet clients that had dogs with specific needs. I became a local dog walker after seeing that many customers had a need for someone to walk their dogs. During this time I taught myself how to handle aggressive dogs and I became more interested in becoming a Behavior Modification Specialist.  

After some time, I found Rambo one day as I was visiting a friend in East Palo Alto. He was about a year old, and he did not have a home to go back to. I ended up taking him home with me and he is now the reason why I am where I am today. I began doing an internship at a local dog training facility where I was taught how to do behavior modification, and after I completed the internship I went on to becoming a dog trainer. 

I wanted to branch out on my own because a goal of mine was to have my own training facility some day. I began to venture out as an independent contractor with Rawfoodrawrdog owned by David in San Jose. We partnered together and I was able to focus more on Home Protection, Personal Protection and Dog Sport. That is how Lexi and I met! We now travel together to help train and develop dogs throughout the West Coast and we own Raw Dog Sport PSA Club. Rambo just earned his PDC and we are hoping to trial again soon for his Level 1!

We are so excited to see where K9 Kalifas will go from here, but we cannot thank those enough that were our support system throughout all of these years.  Rambo, Lexi and I are exactly where we want to be and we cannot wait to see how far we can go in the next 20-30 years. 

Justin & Rambo

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